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2020 Rules and Procedures


a)  Membership is open for male amateur golfers who are 50 and older (the applicant must turn 50 at any time during the calendar year.)

b)  The annual membership fee of $55 gives you the right and privilege of belonging to and playing with NNSGC. 


c)  New members receive a name tag and hat and/or hat band which must be worn at check-in for all tournaments. If not worn at check-in the member will be fined $1 which will contributed to the “First Tee”.

d)  Members are invited to attend a free awards banquet at end of the year. Guests can attend the banquet for a fee.

e) Membership form can be downloaded, see link at bottom of page.  



a) A new member with an existing GHIN handicap will have that handicap lowered by 10% until you have (4) four NNSGC scores, at which time the NNSGC handicap will be computed and used from that point forward. 

b)  If a new member does not have a GHIN but can provide three recent scores plus the NNSGC tournament score, the NNSGC handicap will be computed with these scores, minus 10% 

c)  Should neither system fit you we will give you a handicap after two of our tournaments. 

d)  The highest handicap for a golfer in NNSGC will be limited to 36.

HANDICAP CALCULATIONS:  (Computer program)


NNSGC has it’s own handicaps and because of our rules we base this on 90% of the handicap and is calculated as follows:

a) We take last (7) NNSGC scores, we drop the highest score. We average the remaining 6 scores (add up and divide by 6) subtract 72 from that figure and get a handicap. We round that figure up or down and multiply it by 90% to get your NNSGC handicap. The reason we take 90% is because of our relaxed rules, like bumping the ball and max score of 4 over par.

b) If you have a GHIN handicap we multiply your Index by 90% to get your NNSGC handicap. We use this figure for (4) NNSGC tournaments at which time you will get a NNSGC handicap based on your NNSGC scores.

c) If you have no GHIN handicap. After you play in (2) NNSGC tournaments we will give you a handicap based on these 2 scores. 


There are net and gross divisions in four flights, based on handicaps:  The flight ranges vary with the number of golfers playing in the tournament. Usually Flight A (0-14), Flight B (15-19), Flight C (20-25), Flight D (26 and above), but if there are too many golfers in one flight the ranges will be increased up or down by 1 stroke to make the flights somewhat equal in the number of golfers in each flight.  Players who are 80 and older and players with handicaps 30 and higher may play from the forward tees. Golfers who are 80 and older will still compete in their respective handicap flight. 


a)  If you need to cancel playing when you have registered for a tournament, email the secretary, Tom Brucklacher or call Tom's cell phone (775) 342-3567. You may also cancel by phoning the golf course. If done within enough time for the course to make changes and NNSGC is not charged, your fee will be credited to your account for future use.

b)  No Show. If there is no notice from you the course may charge the club and you will lose the course fee. If you get a course fee credited you will still be charged $10 for not notifying NNSGC.

c)  Cancellation of membership. For poor or bad behavior a member will first receive a warning. If the behavior does not improve the membership will be cancelled with no refund of membership fee.

d)  NNSGC cannot cancel play due to inclement weather.  The golf course is the only one who can cancel play. The tournament will progress as usual and continue to pay out 1/3 of the field regardless of how many players participate.


a)  Tournament entry form can be downloaded at bottom of page.

b) NNSGC tournament entry forms (please, do not use scrapes of paper!) and monies should be mailed to NNSGC, PO Box 12596, Reno, NV 89510. These must reach Tom Brucklacher at least seven days prior to the tournament date.  There will be no guarantee of pairings for late entries and an administrative fee of $10 will be charged. If golfers have enough credits on the books you can email your entry form to Tom Brucklacher at brooky99@charter.net . Tom will email you back that he has received your email. You must have a completed copy of entry form or all the information in the fields on the entry form in your email. 

c) NNSGC has 185 members, not all will play at every tournament; however some courses can handle only a set number of golfers. If a course has to limit the number of golfers or carts, NNSGC will fill these spots by using members  first before adding any guests. In addition, if a member of NNSGC signs up late or after the tournament is filled, the member will be placed on a waiting list for possible cancellations.  NNSGC golfers can always pay for tournaments in advance to ensure playing spots. 


a) It is best to form a foursome as soon as you can as they get first consideration, threesomes next, twosomes and then singles. If there are empty threesomes we may have to break up late-entering twosomes as we cannot have empty carts on a course's busy days.

b) If you can make a foursome on your own it makes it easier for NNSGC to make pairings, plus you get to play with your friends. If you list on your entry form with whom you wish to play with, please make sure these people are indeed planning to play and they agree to play with you. Too many times “Wish Listing” creates problems with scheduling. Please pay attention to this: errors in submitting a partner or group you wish to be paired with may result in an administrative fee of $5 per name. 


a)  Check-in is required. If NNSGC hat and name tag are not wore at check-in the member will be fines $1 (this fee will be donated to the "First Tee").

b) Players are encouraged to check in forty-five (45) minutes before their starting times. Check-in will close twenty (20) minutes prior to play. Following check-in, golfers go to assigned carts to be ready for starters to take them to their assigned starting holes. 

c) Members playing in optional skin game must check-in with Tom Brucklacher and pay the skins game fee of $10. 


NNSGC PRIZE FUND: (Computer program)


a)  All members now are entered in each tournament for prize fund. Golfers are paid in NNSGC credits which can be used at a future tournament or Gift Certificate at Golf Headquarters. There are net and gross divisions in the (4) four flights. Payout will be 1st through 4th place if the turnout is good otherwise NNSGC will only pay out 3 places. ($30, $25, $20, $10)  If you are over 80 years old or if your handicap is 30+ you can play from forward tees. However the over 80 golfers will still compete in their handicapped flight.

b)  There will be holes designated as Closest to the Pin and Longest Putt on each play day. Payout is: First - $20; Second - $15; Third -  $10 in credits. The longest putt can be putted from off the green, however putter must be used. 

c)  All prize money will be kept “on the books” as credits. Prize money may  be used for tournament fees, membership or for gift certificates. If you wish to have a gift certificate to be used at Golf Headquarters one will be issued at check-in at the next tournament. To save printing cost and postage gift certificates are not mailed out. Should you wish it mailed to you send in a self-addressed stamped envelope to be sure it gets to the correct address.


d) Low Gross and Low Net winners 1st through 4th places in each flight are picked and awarded credits. 1st and 3rd places are also awarded points towards Club Champion.  If there is a tie we go back to hole (1) and work towards hole (18) until tie is broken. Since you can’t win both Gross and Net. We start with 1st place Gross and then we award golfers according to where they would win the most money. Example if you are 1st place in net and 2nd place in Gross you would be awarded 1st place Net.  Most tournaments we pay out (4) places but if turnout is smaller we will payout only (3) places. You may also win closest to the pin and longest putt awards. 

e) Score cards: Scorecards are not saved after entry. If you  have a question on the scores or results contact Tom Immediately. The cards will be discarded by next NNSGC tournament. NNSGC will have your scores saved on the computer for the last (12) tournaments you have played.  

Yearly Club Champions (Gross and Net):  (Computer program)


Points: Are awarded in all flights as follows, First place gets (3) points, Second place gets (2) points and Third place gets (1) point. No points are given for 4th place. (NNSGC does not always  pay 4 places) The most points at end of NNSGC golf season will be Club Champion for that year (Gross and Net Champions)

DOUBLE Points are awarded for the last Tournament of the year which is at Somersett (Bob Butler Memorial) Bob was a past president of the club and help get the club started. Anything is possible with double points. 

SKINS Game: (Optional) (Computer program)

a)  If you participating in OPTIONAL Skins game please pay Tom Brucklacher or designated skins coordinator $10 cash at check-in prior to teeing off.  The $10 cash can now be mailed along with tournament fee if you desire. 

b)  The skins game is handicapped (80% of your NNSGC Handicap) and divided into at least 2 flights by handicaps, usually we have approximately 40 or more golfers. If we have close to 60 we will have 3 flights. Since the skins game is by flights the golfer is competing with golfers in his same handicap range and skill level. 

c)  If 2 golfers in same flight tie for lowest net score on a hole I give ½ a skin if more than 2 no skin. If you are the lowest net score by hole handicap in your flight you win a whole skin. I divide the number of skins by money pool by flight to determine how much each skin is worth, that is why some flights get more money than another flight.  I round up and down the skins monies so I don't have to deal with cents. 

d)  Skins monies will be paid as CASH at the awards banquet but all results  will be posted on the NNSGC web page under "Results" by each tournament. A cumulative skins winnings and NNSGC winnings are also posted.  


a)   Please stay up with the group ahead of you!  PLAY READY GOLF .

b)  If you are behind one hole or playing too slow you must permit the group behind to play through. Continued slow play may result in breaking up your group or possible cancellation of your membership with no refunding.

c)  To keep the pace of play the max score with NNSGC for a hole is 4 over par so pick up ball and record your score on card. 

d) New 2019 golf rules now allow golfers to putt with pin in the hole, so if you are ready and want to putt, go ahead and putt. 


a)  Turn in all completed and signed score cards immediately after last hole to Rock or designated director. They are usually waiting in club house. 

b)  All score cards must be signed and legible.  Please write down on card your complete name so we know who you are. 

c)  If you mark a score down and it is wrong the higher score will be recorded.

d)  All scores will be entered by handicap director Rick for calculation of members handicap and calculations on who won the tournament and skins if you are in skins game. 


a)  Guests are invited to play in NNSGC tournaments when space is available. 

b)  Guest are not eligible to win the NNSGC prize fund or Skins money.

c) Guests are charged the same fee as what NNSGC members pay for the tournament.  

d)  The member is responsible for the guest payment which is sent in with  their tournament entry form.


a) When you hit a ball out of bounds, play as lateral hazard. Place ball within 2 club lengths from where the ball entered the out of bounds, one stroke penalty.

b)  You may lift clean and place your ball and place within 1 club length, no closer to the hole, up through the green including the rough but NOT in a hazard. If Ball is in rough it must stay in rough.

c) Lost Ball. Place a ball where you think the ball was lost, One stroke penalty.

d) Max score is 4 over par on a hole. After reaching 4 over over par on any hole, please pick up your ball and record that score on your card.

e)  All putts must be holed out.

f)  Players with a handicaps under 30 will hit from White Tees.

g) If you are 80 years of age or 30+ handicaps you may hit from the forward or Red Tees. Golfers who are over 80 playing from forward tees will still compete in your current handicap flight.


a)  Most course allow casual dress except private clubs which specify no jeans, wear collared shirts, knee length shorts, no outlandish costumes. 

b)  Members must wear their NNSGC hat and name tag when they check-in at the course or will be fined $1.00 which goes to “First Tee”